Ruth Gerson has taught "Singing, Songwriting and Performance" at Princeton University as a Forbes College Fellow. She is the founder of San Francisco Vocal Coaching and the creator of The Singingbelt System. She currently teaches private lessons and classes in singing and songwriting online and in Los Gatos, CA. Her students have appeared on David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, Disney, VH-1, MTV and American Idol. She has also helped her young adult students prepare, audition and gain acceptance to Berklee College of Music, USC (Thornton), UCLA, Univ. of Miami (Frost), Carnegie Mellon Conservatory, CalArts, NYU (Steinhardt & Tisch) and Boston University.


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A Revolution in Voice Training! Created by Ruth Gerson, the Singingbelt is an innovative training device used around the world to train singers in diaphragmatic breathing.


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Vocal Technique" Classes are Sundays @ 10am, Thursdays @ 5:30pm, and Fridays @ 2:30pm. Also 30min Warm-Ups on Mondays & Tuesdays at 5:30pm  (Subscription cost $150/4 weeks ($37.50/week). Includes all classes except “Songwriting & Performance.”) Take 1-5 classes/week, plus performance meditations, open-mics, students showcases and bonus classes. Upcoming bonus classes 11/30/22 @ 4pm PT. 12/7 @ 5:45pm PT, "Singing for Breathing" 12/11/22 @ 5pm PT. Online Open-Mic 12/14 @ 6:15pm. Student showcases at LGCR 10/30, 11/4, 12/9, 1/28. Join us for in-person open-mic on Thursdays.

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Singing, Songwriting and Performance” Mondays & Tuesdays @ 5:30pm. By Submission/Invitation Only. Subscription cost $200/4 weeks ($50/week). Come one or both days. Plus performance meditations, in person & online open-mics, student showcases and bonus classes.

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Young Singers” Sundays @ 11:05am Subscription $100/4 weeks ($25/week). Monthly open-mic and student showcases inlcuded with subscription. 

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Sing Better In A Day!” Vocal Bootcamp - 1/8 @ 12pm PT or 2/5 @ 5pm PT ($125 - $50 Refund for Cyber Monday) In this LIVE online Zoom class with Singingbelt designer Ruth Gerson, you will learn breath support, breath placement, positioning (larynx, jaw, palate, tongue, mouth) and how to ear train effectively on your own. Includes the Singingbelt and Singingbelt System - 45min of vocal exercises (MP3s), 55min take home video. Zoom link emailed within 4 hrs of Paypal payment. If you need it sooner, please email

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Gerson graduated Princeton University Magna Cum Laude in 1992 where she studied contemporary songwriting and jazz with Scott Burnham, Steve Mackey and Anthony Branker. She has developed her method of vocal instruction from a broad range of studies including Michael Langham (Juilliard) to both father and son Marty and Don Lawrence (Mick Jagger, Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Bono, Lady Gaga). Her technique includes extensive training in breath support, breath placement, positioning of the tongue, mouth, jaw, larynx and palate, and ear training.

Ruth Gerson taught singing lessons, songwriting, piano and guitar between 1993-2009 in New York City and began the "New & Used Songwriters Collective. As a visiting artist, she taught "Singing, Songwriting and Performance" at Princeton University. In 2009 she relocated to the Bay Area and opened San Francisco Vocal Coaching. Gerson is the creator of the Singingbelt ( and Singingbelt System, a revolutionary device that teaches singers how to sing better, by training them in intercostal and abdominal wall breathing for proper diaphragmatic breath support.

"I felt as if I was driving around on square, wooden wheels. Within a couple of weeks, I had smooth, round tires... It's a revelation."

Matt Johnson, Matt & Kim


"Ruth Gerson is THE BEST of the best vocal coaches in New York. She gets exceptional results with singers on all levels. I have been amazed with what she is able to accomplish so quickly with the vocalists I have sent to her. Whether it's problems with pitch or tone, singers who lose their voice on tour, stage fright, vocal tension, or all of the above, Ruth's techniques, vocal exercises and vocal warm-ups, her patience and kindness make her an incredible coach. I recommend her highly."

Lisa Barbaris, So What Arts Management


"Ruth is an exceptional singer with a powerful and expressive voice. She is insightful and intelligent and has a great gift for sharing her knowledge of the voice, and songwriting with her students. The Singingbelt is ingenious. I have seen Ruth work with a singer for an hour and get the results we needed in the studio immediately."

Rick Chertoff (five-time Grammy-nominated producer:Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, Sophie B. Hawkins)

"Ruth is the best vocal coach I have ever worked with. She has helped me improve my singing, and learn to take care of my voice. The Singingbelt helped me understand quickly how to use my diaphragm and support my voice. Ruth's coaching was essential preparing for American Idol and college auditions - I love working with her!"

Remi Wolf

"As a physician, Ruth's anatomical descriptions made perfect sense. She would talk about the diaphragm, rib cage, airway, air pressure, breathing, and their connection to sound, voice, and supporting a powerful, steady note. But, it wasn't until I actually used the Singingbelt, as a student, that I could physically feel what she had been talking about, and learn from that feeling. The Singingbelt is essentially a brilliant biofeedback device that allows the user to sense, feel, and correct singing technique in real time, while gaining a new understanding of the connection between anatomy and sound."

Samuel E. Adams, MD

"Ruth has totally revolutionized my voice and how I think about singing. From my very first lesson, the Singingbelt made it obvious how to breathe and control my breath from the right place in my body. My voice has totally transformed from an instrument that I could sometimes rely on to one that works every time I ask it to. I have studied classical music from the age of four and after the legendary pedagogue, Shinuki Suzuki, Ruth Gerson is the most gifted teacher I have ever had the privilege of working with. The 'Singingbelt' is in my subconscious."

Savannah Jolack,

"Ruth is beyond excellent! She is an incredible voice coach - a gem in the industry. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their chops, manage their breathing and protect their voice."

Keith St. John (Burning Rain, Montrose, Quiet Riot)

"Ruth is both an amazing vocal coach and an invaluable support system for students entering the world of performance. Ruth has helped me dramatically improve my pitch and tone, and has also supported me in my work as a performer and songwriter."

Chloe Zilliac Remi and Chloe

"Finding the right vocal coach for Remi took us years. Remi needed a coach who could teach her how to improve her technique and skills but more importantly to communicate it in a way she understood and could put into practice. How lucky we were to finally meet Ruth! But Ruth is more than an amazing vocal coach whose instruction is thorough, clear and passionate. Ruth is a friend, a mentor, and an advocate for her students above and beyond what you can ever imagine. Ruth is Remi's "Voice Mom" she cares so deeply about Remi she is like part of our family."

Christy Wolf (Parent)

"After I started taking lessons with Ruth a few months ago and I really noticed a huge difference. I have been singing for a long time, but I never really knew what I was doing; the belt really helps you feel whats going on, [it] has made a huge difference in the way that I sing... I can feel the difference on the inside and people can hear the difference as well."

Siobhan O'Malley,

"Ruth Gerson is a brilliant vocal instructor. She has been an incredibly important person in my daughter's life, unlocking her talent as a songwriter and developing her singing voice. Ruth has also been a wonderful mentor who has helped my daughter find joy and purpose during her teenage years. I wish I could express better how she has meant to us. I honestly think that without her, my daughter would not be the person and artist that she is now."

Dr. Pam Ison (parent)

"Unlike many vocal coaches, Ruth Gerson is a very active singer, and a truly great one. But what makes her a rare treasure is her innate and honed ability to teach. Ruth doesn't just give you exercises; she lovingly examines everything you do as a singer and seizes every creative opportunity to help you to sing like you never sang before. She the best vocal coach I have ever worked with!"

Marc Berley

"When our daughter was seven years old, she asked for a notebook in which to write "songs." They lyrics she came up with were quite moving and that is when we realized we had to find someone who could help foster her love for music and songwriting. Although she'd been playing piano for a few years and had dabbled with the guitar, she never loved playing either instrument UNTIL we found Ruth.

Now, our 9 year old seeks music as her way to relax and escape.
Ruth has a sincere passion for fostering the love of music in our daughter. She has helped her with pitch and tone while also developing her writing voice as well. Our daughter now writes and plays songs that, literally, bring people to tears. She writes for both the guitar and piano and what we love about Ruth is that she finds a song in everything our daughter writes. It is an amazing process and we love her for building our daughter's confidence and helping her find her voice. Through her work with Ruth, our daughter's self-confidence has blossomed and she takes great pride in what she is able to accomplish musically with Ruth's guidance and instruction. Ruth has made a lasting and profound impact on our daughter and our family. She is a true gift to anyone - child or adult - interested in finding their musical voice."

Kelly Golub (parent)

"The Singingbelt whipped me into shape. It helped me find my diaphragm and conveyed the concept of breath control in a very physical way that I could understand. Ruth is an amazing teacher. Her technique, eloquence and process have really helped me discover my voice."

Chas Eden, Cuban Cigar Crisis,


"I have been taking singing lessons for four years now and this is the first time I can feel how to use my diaphragm. I think the Singingbelt is brilliant! I wish I had one when I started. It would have saved me so much time, every singer should have one!"

Rodney Durso,

"Ruth's thoughtful, artistic coaching has helped me grow into a stronger singer, more confident performer & more poetic songwriter. Her guidance has heightened my musical inspiration!"

Sherri Tennant


"Whether it's in Ruth's class or in private instruction, you feel a part of something immediately. Ruth is so warm and supportive... she finds your unique talent, and draws it out of you. And the areas you need to work on... she gives you the tools you need to turn them around. I have been writing songs and performing for 20 years (!), and Ruth has made me think differently about things I thought I knew how to do. It's invigorating."

Michael Boezi

"I started Ruth's class as a total novice singer who couldn't carry a tune and wanted to change that. By the time the class was done, I had written an original song and performed it at a crowded bar in the East Village! Ruth helped me get there with her nurturing patience, contagious enthusiasm, and deep knowledge of the crafts of singing, writing, and performing. I'm so glad I took her class and can't wait to do it again. She's great."

Garret Savage

"I have been to a many people but Ruth was the first to quickly recognize where I needed correction and give me tools to help me, immediately."

Jose Schism, Toolfist